Studio Policies


  • While walk-ins are welcome, we highly recommend reserving classes online in order to  guarantee your spot in class. When you arrive at the studio, please check-in with the instructor so we know you have arrived and can ensure      you have an enjoyable experience.


  • If you are on a wait list, you will receive an email as soon as a spot opens up, and up until 2 hours before class is scheduled to begin. Being bumped off the  wait list into class means you are IN CLASS and therefore you are  responsible for canceling your spot. If you get into class from the wait list and do not show up for class and have not canceled your reservation within the early cancellation window (2 hours), a class/day will be taken off your package if you are on a Client package AND if you are a Monthly    Recurring Member, then you will be charged according to the fees mentioned  in our “Cancellation & No-show” policy.
  •  If you get an email after 10 pm at night for the 5:30am class and do not have time to respond, we will not hold you responsible  for that class. Again, we would appreciate a response if possible.
  • If you get into class from the wait list and are already scheduled for another class that  day, you will need to cancel your reservation for your other class online; if you do not cancel, you will lose an additional day/class from your package or be charged.


  • Our cancellation  policy is 6 HOURS before class starts. This gives you up until 6 HOURS   before the class starts to early cancel and not be charged a  penalty. Please make a conscientious effort to cancel yourself as  soon as you can if you do not think you will be able to make it, as this  will allow for another person to get into class.
  • If you have a New Client Special, one day will be deducted from from the 30-day period for each late cancel or no show and a $5.00 cancellation charge.
  • If you have a class pack, one full class will be deducted from your pack for each late cancel or no show and a $5.00 cancellation charge or a $10 no show charge.
  • If you have a Monthly Unlimited Membership (including Teacher & Student and Senior),  there is a $5 charge for a Late Cancel (past the 6-hour window) and a $10 for a No Show (not notifying us at all).
  • If class has been in session for more than 10 minutes, returning students will not be permitted to join. We strictly adhere to this policy for the safety of our  clients.
  • If you are late, and someone is waiting to get into class, your spot may given away. If you  are running late, please call and let us know you will be there within the 10 minute time frame.


  • For the courtesy of others, cell phones are not allowed in the  studio during  class.


  • Capped water bottles are allowed and only clear liquids are permitted. Please do not  bring glass or uncapped drinks into the studio.


  • Please do not chew gum in the studio during class.


  • Please advise our staff of any illness or injury so we can accommodate you. We have modifications for injuries.
  • As for illness,  if you have a contagious illness, we kindly ask that you refrain from coming until you are feeling better.


  • No refunds for classes 2 days from date of purchase, credit will be issued.


  • 30-Day Unlimited packages expire 30 days after activation.


  • Return policy for merchandise is store credit only – no refunds or exchanges 2 days from date of purchase.


  • Freezing a membership (unlimited only) can be done maximum twice a year. There is a $15 charge for freezing your membership.